We strive to make Envision Vegas’ events an enjoyable experience for all of our patrons, and to do that we have created a list of frequently asked questions and answers. We ask that you please read through these prior to your event so that you and your party know exactly what to expect to ensure an unforgettable Vegas night.

Don’t see an answer to your question? For an immediate response you can call us at (844)PartyLV or email us at and we will respond to you in 24 hours or less.

Q// Can I book a custom package any night of the week?
A// While all packages are available every night of the week, not all venues are open as some close mid-week. Therefore, we substitute one venue for another happening venue.

Q// What time do custom events start?
A// Custom events can start at any time, but there are optimum times to start depending on what package you purchase. Our sales team will let you know what start time would be best for your event at time of booking.

Q// Can we add people to our custom event at the last minute?
A// We can absolutely add people at the last minute, however, we can’t take people off of the booking last minute. We would prefer that you only book for the number of people you are absolutely sure will be attending on the night, and add the people that you are not sure about at the last minute.

Q// Do we have any say on what kind of complimentary drinks we get?
A// The Vegas Crawl gets complimentary shots that come standard, but the private events can choose the type of liquor (not the brand) and mixers they want.

Q// Do I need to bring A copy Of my booking receipt on the night?
A// No. It would be helpful to bring a copy of your receipt, but it is not required as your host will have all reservation information.

Q// Do I need to bring my ID?
A// Yes. All guests must have one of the following: Valid US Government Issued ID, Valid Canadian Government Issued Driver’s License or International Passport. Your ID is needed in order to enter the nightclub venues. Without the appropriate valid forms of identification the nightlife venues will deny your access/entry to their establishments. Envision Vegas is NOT responsible for any guests being denied entry to the venues due to improper identification. Mexico IDs are not a recognized form of identification.

Q// What does a VIP host do?
A// The VIP hosts are there to make sure that your night runs smoothly while you party worry-free. They meet you at your pick up location to check you in, make sure that your complimentary drinks are flowing on board the limousine, and co-ordinate with the club to ensure a hassle-free entry upon arrival.

Q// Should I Tip My VIP Host?
A// All VIP Hosts are in the service industry and, while they earn a wage, they make their living from your tips. If your VIP host made sure that you had a good, hassle-free, time and you want to show your appreciation by giving them a tip, the average gratuity is 15%-20% of your purchase.

Q// What does “No Lines” Mean?
A// Envision Vegas has arranged for you to bypass club lines. However, you still may have to wait at each club as the doormen are required to check IDs. Average waiting time is 10 to 15 minutes (which beats the hour or so that you would have to wait in line otherwise).

Q// What Does “No Cover” Mean?
A// It is common for venues to charge an entrance fee to party (usually $20-$40), but Envision Vegas takes care of your entrance fee in advance.

Q// What Is The Dress Code?
A// The Dress Code is posted on our website, please click here to review. Please also keep in mind that the dress code standards may vary at every venue, and final say is at the discretion of the doorman. Envision Vegas is not responsible for guests being turned away at the door for failure to adhere to the dress code standards. Vegas is a place where you will see and be seen, so dress to impress!

Q// Who do we contact if we have any questions on the night of the event?
A// Your VIP host will be the most important person to you on the night of the event, they will be there to answer any questions you might have. You will also have a contact number for them if you have any questions prior to your event.

Q// What happens if someone is acting inappropriately on a club crawl or private event?
A// If the Envision Vegas VIP host determines that you or your guests are disrupting the tour in any way by being intoxicated, obnoxious, etc, Envision Vegas reserves the right to ask you or your group to leave the tour – without refund. Envision Vegas is NOT responsible for denied entry into any venue due to disruptive behavior or being intoxicated. If anyone in your group gets sick in the limo/ party bus the organizer or the person responsible will be fined a cleaning charge of $500.00.

Q// Can I stay longer than scheduled at a venue?
A// If you choose to stay longer than scheduled at any particular venue, you are more than welcome and have the right to stay at that location and leave the tour. You can re-join the tour at any time throughout the night as long as you still have your Envision Vegas wristband. Should you choose to stay behind, you are responsible to find transportation to the next venue as our transportation stays on schedule.

Q// Do you take photographs or videography on your tour?
A// Yes: Envision Vegas customers agree to allow our VIP hosts to take photographs and videos of people on the tour and use them in advertising or on the web. For more information, click here for our Terms & Conditions.

Q// What Your Event does NOT Include
A// Your club crawl tour or private event does not include reserved seating unless you reserve a table through Envision Vegas or the venue in advance. The only seating inside of a club is reserved for bottle service (bottle service varies venue to venue, but is typically $500+ for every 4-5 people). We will not pick anyone up or drop anyone off any place that is not on the itinerary as our transportation is on a strict schedule. We do not provide drinks or drink specials inside of the clubs. We will not try to convince the clubs to allow entry if you are denied access for any reason.